2020 AGM Motion – Revised Rules

Existing Rules

ARCOIreland’s existing Rules incorporate a new paragraph “2A Aims”, an amended paragraph “2 Objectives”, and a new paragraph “14A Tenure of Office” as adopted by the 25th AGM convened in McKee Barracks on 04 October 2019. During the course of the 2019 AGM attendees were advised that the existing Rules would be reviewed by the EXCOM and Revised Rules presented for due consideration at the 26th AGM. The 26th AGM, scheduled to commence at 1100hrs on 02 October 2020, will be conducted in virtual format by means of electronic communications technology (e.g. Zoom). Link to existing Rules.

Proposed Revised Rules

As advised in the Secretary’s Calling Notice for this year’s virtual AGM, the EXCOM has tabled a formal motion proposing the adoption of Revised Rules. Link to proposed Revised Rules.   

Following a comprehensive review by a Working Group, the EXCOM formally endorsed the proposed Revised Rules on 21 August. The proposed Revised Rules increase the capacity for enhanced governance, transparency, and accountability. In addition, they provide the framework to further enhance the credibility, influence, and integrity of the Association. All proposed changes to the existing rules are highlighted in the attached version, (01 Sep 20).

Whereas the EXCOM is proposing substantial changes, including a significant number of new paragraphs, members may wish to peruse the following paragraphs: 28 – Virtual General Meetings, 39 – Data Protection & Privacy Policy, 40 – Communications, 41 – Website, 42 – Social Media Platforms, 43 – Merchandise, 44 – Arbitration, and 45 – Dissolution. 

The AGM motion on the proposed Revised Rules will be presented on behalf of the EXCOM by Brig Gen Gerry Mc Namara (Retd) and seconded by Col Senan Downes (Retd).

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