Aims & Objectives


Representing retired commissioned officers of the Permanent Defence Force, ARCOIreland encourages and fosters the unique fellowship and comradeship established during military service, and promotes and protects the interests and needs of members, and eligible spouses or civil partners, within its competencies. 


While maintaining a positive image of the Association, and reflecting retired officers’ values and ethos which derive from service in the Permanent Defence Force, the following internal and external objectives will be implemented

Internal Objectives

  1. Promotes, defends and protects the rights, interests, quality of life, services, and welfare of retired officers and eligible spouses or civil partners.
  2. Supports the protection, relevance and improvement of members’ and eligible spouses’ or partners’ pensions and secondary benefits.
  3. Advises and assists, within its competencies, members, and eligible spouses or partners, on pensions and pension related matters.
  4. Monitors change, coordinates advice and provides general support thus enabling members to benefit fully from opportunities following early or age-related retirement.
  5. Provides a forum for analysis and debate, and the formulation of responses to anticipated developments that may impinge on the lives of retired officers, and eligible spouses or partners.
  6. Facilitates mutual support, networking opportunities and social occasions, for both retired officers and for those who remain active in the workplace, thus maintaining a fruitful bond with colleagues, in sharing talents and interests for their common benefit.
  7. Ensures that the particular needs of officers retiring without a pension entitlement are catered for in a meaningful way, and that such officers enjoy parity of esteem within the Association with all other members.
  8. Conducts an effective internal and external communication strategy by means of regional meetings, social media, website, biannual newsletter and text-a-message service.
  9. Organises events and activities supporting ARCOIreland’s objectives and members’ interests.

External Objectives

  1. Establishes and maintains pro-active involvement with kindred organisations and agencies, in order to collectively engage in public advocacy and political lobbying, on issues relevant to retired officers.
  2. Engages with Government Representatives, Government Departments and Agencies on pensions, pension related issues, and enhanced services for retired officers, and eligible spouses or civil partners.
  3. Presents, within its competencies, presentations, submissions and statements on appropriate issues including Defence, Foreign Affairs, Veteran’s Policy, Remuneration, Pensions and Welfare.
  4. Advocates, using appropriate means on behalf of the Defence Forces, its personnel, its veterans and the families of serving personnel.
  5. Conducts meetings on an annual basis with both the Minister for Defence, and the General Staff, and on a quarterly basis with both the Department of Defence and RACO.
  6. Fosters professional excellence within the Defence Forces through the sponsorship of an award for the Best Student on Army, Naval Service and Air Corps Cadet Courses, and by supporting Defence Forces Mentoring and Coaching Programmes.
  7. Promotes effective and efficient liaison, coupled with mutual support and unity of effort, with ONE, IUNVA, RACO and PDFORRA, on matters of mutual interest.
  8. Provides a member of the Executive Committee to the Defence Forces Benevolent Fund’s Executive Committee, to CAOGA’s Board of Management, and to the Council of the Alliance of Retired Public Servants.
  9. Participates in, or represents retired officers at State and Defence Forces ceremonial events, both at National, Regional and Local levels.