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ARCO’s Submission to the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence

On foot of an invitation from the Chairperson of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence, the Association of Retired Commissioned Officers made a written submission on 5th March 2024 to the Committee. This was part of the consultation phase on the Pre-Legislative Scrutiny of the Defence (Amendment) Bill 2023. This is the SUBMISSION […]

ARCO Submission to the Consultative Forum on International Security Policy

The Consultative Forum on International Security Policy, which held its public sessions at three different locations across four days in June 2023, was designed to start a discussion on Ireland’s foreign and security policy. It aimed to build a deeper level of understanding of the threats faced by the State, including in areas such as […]

ARCO’s Submission – Commission on the Defence Forces

As a recognised organisation within the Defence Community, ARCO represents retired commissioned officers whose collective service represents a repository of knowledge and experience in leading the Defence Forces through demanding operational environments both at home and overseas, and through dynamic internal reorganisations and reforms.  ARCO offers this expertise in support of the Commission’s deliberations. ARCO […]

Pay Negotiations – ARCO’s Submission of 20 November 2020

The current Programme for Government prescribes for a successor agreement to the Public Sector Stability Agreement, which terminates on 31 December 2020. ARCO notes that preliminary exploratory talks on a new public sector pay agreement have commenced.   It would seem these talks are seeking to establish whether a sufficient basis exists for negotiations on a […]

Supplementary Submission – Commission on the Defence Forces

As advised in an earlier website posting, ARCO presented its recommendations to the Minister for Defence on the Composition and Terms of Reference for the Government’s Commission on the Defence Forces.  Link to Submission dated 16 September 2020. As requested by the Minister in his letter dated 20 October, ARCO has also submitted its recommendations […]

ARCO’s submission on the Commission on the Defence Forces

ARCO, whose membership reflects a considerable reservoir of expertise and experience on Defence, welcomes the Government’s decision to establish a Commission on the Defence Forces. Arising from the provisions of the Programme for Government, on 16 September ARCO availed of the opportunity of presenting its recommendations to the Minister for Defence on the Composition and […]

Gleeson Commission’s Report – 31 July 1990

The Gleeson Commission was established on 27 July 1989 with the following terms of reference: To carry out a major review of the remuneration and conditions of service of the Defence Forces having regard to their separate and distinct role and organisation, and to make recommendations. The commission submitted its report on 31 July, 1990 […]

Military Service Allowance Submission

In four previous submissions to the Minister of State with Responsibility for Defence, ARCOIreland advanced the argument that no grounds exist for not including the 2019 MSA increase in appropriate military pensions already in payment on 03 July 2019. Following discussions with the newly appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Mr Simon Coveney TD, […]

ARCOIreland’s Submission – National Security Strategy

Under the auspices of the National Security Analysis Centre, the Government is proposing to develop a National Security Strategy.  A public consultation process took place from 05 December through 31 December, ARCOIreland made a formal submission to the Department of An Taoiseach on 28 December, which is attached along with the covering letter.  Whereas a […]

ARCOIreland’s SUBMISSION – Review of Ireland’s Foreign Policy and External Relations

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is undertaking a review of Ireland’s foreign policy and external relations. The purpose of the review is to provide an updated statement of Ireland’s foreign policy and to identify a series of recommendations for its conduct, with a view to ensuring that the Government is equipped with the […]

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