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CAOGA Group Life Assurance Plan – Update

Good news for members of CAOGA. Irish Life has agreed to maintain the Benefits and Premiums of the CAOGA Group Life Assurance Plan, put in place in January 2015, for the review period beginning January 2018. This will apply across all membership and age categories. Additionally, a new age category for those aged between 75 to […]

CAOGA Benefits and Rates 2015

ARCOIreland members, who are also members of CAOGA, will be interested in the information contained in the attached brief from that organisation. This gives the latest details of the Benefits and Rates for the CAOGA Group Life Assurance Plan, its Friendly Society Scheme and its Benevolent Fund. ARCOIreland members attention is particularly drawn to the proviso that retired/retained members who voluntarily undertake employment […]

Important Message from CAOGA

Dear Member, CAOGA is inviting applications from Officers serving and retired who are living in long-term committed relationships for a period of at least one year, who wish to admit their cohabiting partner to membership of the CAOGA Friendly Society and Group Life Assurance Scheme. This three month window has been extended to allow the […]

CAOGA Group Scheme

CAOGA Group Life Assurance Plan Renewal 01 September 2011 ARCOIreland Members, who are also Retained Members of CAOGA, will have recently received information from that society on the review of its Group Life Assurance Plan and the new benefits and premiums for the scheme.  (Click here to download details.)  These will come into effect on […]

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