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Pension Adjustments in respect of February 2022 and October 2022 increases

ARCO has received the following communication from Pensions Section of the Department of Defence: Message about when the benefit of the recently approved Building Momentum* increases will be implemented for military pensions As indicated by the Minister for Defence at the Foreign Affairs and Defence Select committee last Thursday 10 November, work is underway to […]

Latest Pay Agreement and Increases to Pensions

The Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform, Michael McGrath TD, has secured government approval for proposals to extend the current public service pay agreement, Building Momentum, to the end of 2023. Subject to ratification, the proposals will see a 3% increase in pay for public sector workers, backdated to 2 February 2022, a 2% increase […]

ARCO’s Pension Update – May 2022

Pensions and pension related issues remain a key focus of the EXCOM’s endeavours. ARCO’s latest Pension Update (May 2022) reflects changes to the October 2021 update. Of particular interest, it includes information on the payment of increases in military pensions, effective from 01 October 2021 and 01 February 2022, arising from the ‘Building Momentum’ Public […]

Pensions Update

At the quarterly meeting with Department of Defence officials held on 25 April 2022, and following enquiries from ARCO in relation to the increase in pensions due under Building Momentum – A new public service agreement 2021-2022, we were provided with the following written response: “The existing government pension increase policy is for a limited […]

November 2021 Payslips

The November 2021 military pensions have been lodged in personal accounts. However, ARCO has contacted the Payroll Contact Centre of the National Shared Service Office (NSSO) in relation to the delay in the delivery of the associated payroll slips.  The Association has been advised by the NSSO that the Military Pension payslips were printed and […]

ARCO’s Pension Update – October 2021

Pensions and pension related issues remain a key focus of the EXCOM’s endeavours on behalf of the members of ARCO. On 28 September 2021, following a request from the EXCOM in advance of ARCO’s Annual General Meeting, Finance Branch of the Department of Defence provided a comprehensive update on the current position and time-frame for […]

Update: Payroll Shared Services – August 2021

Payment of Military Pensions With data provided by the Department of Defence’s Pensions Administration Section, the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) is responsible for the actual payment of military pensions. Payslips The NSSO has advised ARCO that following the transition to a new banking arrangement, the date now displayed on members’ payslips on the Core […]

ARCO’s Submission – Disability Pension Process – March 2021

Members of the Defence Forces work in sometimes dangerous and potentially hostile environments both at home and overseas.  They are aware that serious injuries, attributable to military service, have occurred since the Army Pensions Act of 1923 was enacted and are likely to occur in the future. Defence Forces personnel have legitimate expectations that if […]

Application of Public Service Pay Agreements to Military Pensions

On 01 February, ARCO requested from the Department of Defence: Information on the mechanisms by which Defence Forces personnel who retired prior to 28 February 2012, and whose annual military pensions (excluding Public Service Pension Reduction) is now less than the equivalent rank or grade, will receive the 2% increase in their respective military pensions […]

Approval of MSA Increase to Military Pensions in Payment – 04 July 2019

ARCO’s Objectives Whereas significant progress has been made in recent years on our Membership Campaign, on our Mentoring and Networking Projects, on our Website, coupled with the launching of our Social Media Platforms, the subject of Pensions remains a key objective of our Association. Independent Public Service Commission Report Arising from the Independent Public Service […]

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