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Update: Payroll Shared Services – August 2021

Payment of Military Pensions With data provided by the Department of Defence’s Pensions Administration Section, the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) is responsible for the actual payment of military pensions. Payslips The NSSO has advised ARCO that following the transition to a new banking arrangement, the date now displayed on members’ payslips on the Core […]

ARCO’s Submission – Disability Pension Process – March 2021

Members of the Defence Forces work in sometimes dangerous and potentially hostile environments both at home and overseas.  They are aware that serious injuries, attributable to military service, have occurred since the Army Pensions Act of 1923 was enacted and are likely to occur in the future. Defence Forces personnel have legitimate expectations that if […]

Application of Public Service Pay Agreements to Military Pensions

On 01 February, ARCO requested from the Department of Defence: Information on the mechanisms by which Defence Forces personnel who retired prior to 28 February 2012, and whose annual military pensions (excluding Public Service Pension Reduction) is now less than the equivalent rank or grade, will receive the 2% increase in their respective military pensions […]

Approval of MSA Increase to Military Pensions in Payment – 04 July 2019

ARCO’s Objectives Whereas significant progress has been made in recent years on our Membership Campaign, on our Mentoring and Networking Projects, on our Website, coupled with the launching of our Social Media Platforms, the subject of Pensions remains a key objective of our Association. Independent Public Service Commission Report Arising from the Independent Public Service […]

Pay Negotiations – ARCO’s Submission of 20 November 2020

The current Programme for Government prescribes for a successor agreement to the Public Sector Stability Agreement, which terminates on 31 December 2020. ARCO notes that preliminary exploratory talks on a new public sector pay agreement have commenced.   It would seem these talks are seeking to establish whether a sufficient basis exists for negotiations on a […]

Military Pension Payroll

Military pension payroll and helpdesk support is currently managed and administered by the Payroll Shared Services, National Shared Services Office (PSS – NSSO), co-located with the Department of Defence in Galway. On 28 September 2020, ARCO was advised that the processing of the military pension payroll is transferring from Galway to Tullamore, becoming effective for […]

D PER Circular 13 / 2020 – Pensions Benefit Cap – Single Pensions Act 2012

On 17 September 2020, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform released Circular 13/2020 to Government Departments’ HR Managers / Personnel Officers.  The Circular provides guidance on the application of the Pensions Benefit Cap, arising from the Single Pensions Act 2012.  The Circular is of significant relevance to those Defence Forces Veterans in receipt of […]

Military Service Allowance Submission

In four previous submissions to the Minister of State with Responsibility for Defence, ARCOIreland advanced the argument that no grounds exist for not including the 2019 MSA increase in appropriate military pensions already in payment on 03 July 2019. Following discussions with the newly appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence, Mr Simon Coveney TD, […]

Application of MSA Increase to Military Pensions in Payment

Arising from a letter from the Minister’s Private Secretary on 18 February, ARCOIreland responded to the Minister of State with Responsibility for Defence on 05 March. At the outset, ARCOIreland reiterated its strongly held conviction that the Military Service Allowance (MSA) increase must retrospectively apply to all military pensions in payment on 03 July 2019, […]

Military Service Allowance

Arising from the Public Sector Pay Commission, the rate of Military Service Allowance was increased w.e.f. 04 July 2019. Following an ARCOIreland submission, dated 30 July 2019, ARCOIreland was advised by the Private Secretary to the Minister, in a letter dated 10 December 2019, that the MSA increase would be reflected in military pensions of […]

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