Pension Data

ARCOIreland’s Strategy on Pension Related Issues includes relevant information on the pension schemes that apply to retired commissioned officers of the Permanent Defence Force. 

The strategy focuses on the following key issues: Restoration of Pensions, Determination of Pensions, Pension Negotiation, and Abatement.

The Representative Association of Commissioned Officers (RACO) has kindly provided permission to post its information booklets on this website. These provide general information on the four pension schemes in payment to retired commissioned officers and eligible spouses or civil partners.   

The booklets, prepared by Colonel Brian O’Keeffe (Retd) former General-Secretary of RACO, and commissioned by the Irish Pensions and Finance, can be accessed through the following links:

Pension Booklet Commissioned before 06 Apr 1995

Pension Booklet Joined on or after 06 Apr 1995 and before 01 Apr 2004

Pension Booklet Joined on or after 01 Apr 2004 and before 01 Jan 2013

Pension Booklet Joined on or after 01 Jan 2013