Important Message from CAOGA

Dear Member,
CAOGA is inviting applications from Officers serving and retired who are living in long-term committed relationships for a period of at least one year, who wish to admit their cohabiting partner to membership of the CAOGA Friendly Society and Group Life Assurance Scheme. This three month window has been extended to allow the admission of partners who are forty-five years or over to join the Friendly Society and the group scheme. (Cohabiting partners under 45 years of age may apply to join at any time.)
Cohabiting Nominated Membership
Eligibility for Cohabiting Nominated Membership is conditional on both the member and the proposed Cohabiting Partner Member at the time of application being:

  • Both Unmarried
  • Neither Partner in a Civil Partnership
  • Legally free to marry each other or enter into a Civil Partnership
  • Living in a committed relationship for a period of one year and financially interdependent

Members applying for membership of their cohabiting partner will be required to sign a written Declaration confirming that the above conditions apply, which must be witnessed. They must also undertake to inform CAOGA should any of the conditions outlined above change as any such change will invalidate the membership. Applicants are required to authorise CAOGA to make any inquiries deemed necessary to verify that these conditions are in place should any claim be made. They must also undertake to cooperate fully with any such inquiry.
Members on application will be required to provide two documents to confirm that they are jointly domiciled and financially interdependent: Joint Bank Account; joint Credit Card; joint obligation on a loan; joint owner of residence; joint home lease; joint holder of investments; joint utility bill, named driver on motor insurance certificate etc.

An application form is available from the CAOGA office (01-8042785/2786) or can be downloaded from the CAOGA website
Group Life Assurance Scheme

CAOGA operate a Group Life Assurance Scheme for serving members, retained members and nominated members, the latter includes spouse, civil partner and now for the first time cohabiting partners.
The scheme benefits are insured by Generali Pan Europe Ltd one of Europe’s largest insurance companies and is administered on CAOGA’s behalf by Penpro Ltd.

Normally, eligibility requires that an applicant be a member of the CAOGA Friendly Society and under the age of 45 years. However, as this is the first time that cohabiting partners are allowed join the insurers have agreed to waive the upper age limit and now until the 31st of Oct 2013, all cohabiting partners can apply to join the scheme. To protect the scheme the insurers have a more onerous underwriting requirement for over 45s.

Cohabiting Partners under age 45:
Complete a short application form with 4 medical questions. Based on the answers given a full personal history questionnaire and medical examination may be required.

Cohabiting Partners over age 45:
Complete a short application form and full personal history questionnaire. Based on answers given a medical examination may be required.
An application form and personal history questionnaire is available from CAOGA (01-8042785/2786) or from the CAOGA website

Payment of Benefit:
All members are advised of the importance of having a valid will. In the event of the death of a cohabiting partner payment will only be made to the executor or administrator of the estate.

If you have any queries or require clarification on any point you should contact the CAOGA office (01-8042785 / 2786) in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,

Pauline O’Connell
Secretary CAOGA

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