ARCO Submission to the Consultative Forum on International Security Policy

The Consultative Forum on International Security Policy, which held its public sessions at three different locations across four days in June 2023, was designed to start a discussion on Ireland’s foreign and security policy. It aimed to build a deeper level of understanding of the threats faced by the State, including in areas such as cyber, hybrid and the maritime domain, and to examine the security policy options available, and the implications of these choices, for Ireland.

The Independent Chairperson of the Forum is tasked with submitting a report to the Tánaiste. It is expected this report will include an overview of the Consultative Forum and the public submissions received. The Tánaiste will consider the report produced by the Chairperson and will decide whether to bring recommendations to Government.

ARCO has compiled and lodged a comprehensive submission with the Independent Chairperson within the very tight timeframe allowed. The submission may be viewed HERE along with the associated covering letter HERE.


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