Update: Payroll Shared Services – August 2021

Payment of Military Pensions

With data provided by the Department of Defence’s Pensions Administration Section, the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) is responsible for the actual payment of military pensions.


The NSSO has advised ARCO that following the transition to a new banking arrangement, the date now displayed on members’ payslips on the Core Portal is the bank processing date.   This does not affect the date of the payment of military pensions.  Payment of military pension continues to be made on the same date as heretofore.


The NSSO also advised ARCO of an upgrade of Corepay – Payroll Database.  This is the payroll system on which members’ military pension payments are processed.  This upgrade, version 28, went live on 30 July 2021, and is now available for logon.

The link to the new version of Core Portal is available on the NSSO’s website at https://pssc.gov.ie/. Personal login credentials to Core Portal have not changed.

A revised User Guide is available on NSSO’s website at https://pssc.gov.ie/online-retiree-payslips which contains detailed user information and screenshots.

Administration of Military Pensions – Department of Defence

Please note that Pensions Administration, Finance Branch, Department of Defence, Renmore, County Galway, retains the responsibility for the administration of military pensions.

NSSO’s Contact Details

Payroll Shared Services | National Shared Services Office

Deerpark Road | Killarney | Co. Kerry | V93 KH28

Phone (DF Retirees):  076 100 2703

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