Returning to Education

An initiative was set up by Brigadier General Peter O Halloran (Retired) with a view to informing members of the Defence Forces who are about to retire, along with veterans, of the opportunities available to them in Returning to Education. Peter is a member of ARCO and is one of the Western Region’s representatives on its Executive Committee.

A significant cohort of service personnel are retiring early, many at a young age, due to rank related age requirements. As a result many veterans can find themselves unemployed. Brigadier General O Halloran contacted Athlone Institute of Technology with a view of organising a seminar by Zoom that would inform veterans and serving personnel of the opportunities available to them in Returning to Education. Free and subsidised courses at certificate, degree and masters level, leading to qualifications in areas where there are employment opportunities, are available under schemes such as SpringBoard (

The seminar was facilitated by ONE and IUNVA with a large number of posts throughout the country taking part.

The following is the link to the Webinar – Veteran Educational Opportunities:–Hjex66JctpZxUiAtNBjGown-ie2h7ab5mI795UdW.T93xRHGbEuOntLOg

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