ARCO’s Submission – Disability Pension Process – March 2021

Members of the Defence Forces work in sometimes dangerous and potentially hostile environments both at home and overseas.  They are aware that serious injuries, attributable to military service, have occurred since the Army Pensions Act of 1923 was enacted and are likely to occur in the future.

Defence Forces personnel have legitimate expectations that if they suffer an injury or contract a serious illness, attributable to military service, they will be compensated on retirement. Veterans who have suffered a disablement should have confidence in a transparent, credible, and just compensation scheme, arising from the Army Pensions Acts 1923 – 1980. 

ARCO holds the view that the legislative framework providing for the payment of a Disability Pension or a Gratuity, and the assessment of the degree of disablement, is outdated.  This framework has yet to be reviewed in line with best practice and the occupational injuries compensation schemes available in the wider Irish community.    

In a submission dated 22 March 2021 to the Minister for Defence, ARCO advanced observations and recommendations on the Disability Pension Process.

Link to Submission

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