ARCO’s Social Media Manager

ARCO is seeking a volunteer from among its members to take over the running of its LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook platforms.

Launched in March 2022, these platforms provide our organisation with an effective means of communicating with our members and informing our Target Audience. Our Social Media Manager oversees their structure, presentation, and content.

ARCO’s three Social Media platforms, together with our Website, Text-a-Message Service and Newsletter, are core to our Information Campaign, and Communications Strategy.

Having set up and managed the three platforms since March 2022, the current Social Media Manager wishes to stand aside in the coming months. We are therefore inviting expressions of interest from among our membership to take over this role. A working knowledge of IT and enthusiasm is all that is required. The role also offers the opportunity of connecting with Veterans and in developing communication skills. It will suit members living throughout Ireland.

The Social Media Manager is a member of our Executive Committee, and its meetings provide for virtual attendance.

Interested ARCO members are encouraged to contact any member of the Executive Committee, their respective Regional Representative, or ARCO’s Secretary by means of email via ARCO’s website:

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