ARCOIreland’s Article in the Summer 2020 Edition of Signal

The Summer 2020 Edition of Signal, the journal of the Representative Association of Commissioned Officers (RACO), includes an article on ARCOIreland’s Profile.

As a distinctive group of retired officers, ARCOIreland encourages and fosters our unique fellowship and comradeship. This derives not only from our extensive military service in Óglaigh na hÉireann, but also from our membership of RACO as serving officers.

ARCOIreland’s membership base is a valuable asset that enhances the credibility, influence and integrity of the Association. When officers retire from the Permanent Defence Force, we see a natural membership transition from RACO to ARCOIreland, retaining an affiliation with the Defence Community, and transferring a substantial range of knowledge and experience.    

The article in Signal provides a comprehensive overview of ARCOIreland’s evolving profile, and the Association’s relevance to retiring officers. Topics include Posture, Pensions, Analysis – Debate – Action, Networking, Advocate for the Defence Forces, Lobbying, Submissions, Mentoring, and Priorities.

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