Application of Public Service Pay Agreements to Military Pensions

On 01 February, ARCO requested from the Department of Defence:

  • Information on the mechanisms by which Defence Forces personnel who retired prior to 28 February 2012, and whose annual military pensions (excluding Public Service Pension Reduction) is now less than the equivalent rank or grade, will receive the 2% increase in their respective military pensions in payment, accruing from 01 October 2020, and,
  • Confirmation that the increases accruing from the 202I – 2022 Public Service Pay Agreement (Building Momentum) will be reflected in military pensions in payment: 1% on both 01 October 2021 and 01 October 2022, with perhaps an additional 1% arising from sectorial deals.

Link to ARCO’s Submission dated 01 February.

In a letter dated 25 February, the Secretary-General advised ARCO:

  • The provisions by which the 2021 – 2022 Public Service Pay Agreements (Building Momentum) will be applied to military pensions, [retention of parity], and,
  • The Department is now addressing military pensions of those who retired before 28 February, and the 2% increase effective from 01 October 2019, in the case that their pensions are lower than the pay of their counterparts with similar rank and service [retention of parity].

Link to Secretary-General’s Letter dated 25 February 2021.


02 March 2021

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