Meeting with Commission on the Defence Forces

At the invitation of the Commission, an ARCO Delegation met the Chair and members of the Commission by virtual means on 16 April 2021.

ARCO’s Delegation consisted of its President Brig Gen Paul Pakenham (Retd), its Vice President Brig Gen Séamus Ó Giolláin (Retd), and EXCOM Members Brig Gen Paul Fry (Retd) and Capt Dave Barry (NS) (Retd).

The Association’s presentation focussed on Structures, Capabilities (Land, Air, Maritime, Cyber and Space), Reserves, Human Resources, Education and Training, and Veterans’ Affairs.

ARCO’s recommended Defence Forces End State envisages an adequately resourced and expandable conventional military force, capable of deterrence and limited defence, fulfilling national, regional and international obligations, with a balanced and sustainable critical mass including Reserves, with integrated land, air, maritime, Special Forces, space, and cyber components, and with sufficient contingent capability and depth to enable a rapidly deployable and expandable force.

In advance of the consultation, on 12 April, ARCO provided the Commission with a summary of its Submission dated 26 February.

Link to Key Points (V 16 April).

Link to Submission dated 26 February.


19 April 2021

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