Expression of Interest – Defence Forces Mentoring Programme

During its AGM, held on 02 October 2020, ARCO formally launched its support for the Defence Forces Monitoring Programme.

Reinforcing ARCO’s motto Camaraderie Through Service, and the Association’s outreach programme with serving officers, this mentoring initiative reciprocates the investment and experiences accruing from service in the Defence Forces.

ARCO members are now invited and encouraged to submit by means of an email, expressions of interest to participate, as mentors, on a voluntary basis, in the Defence Forces Mentoring Programme.

Expressions of interest should now be sent by email to: Please provide your name, county of residence, and details of any training, or experience you have in the Mentoring domain.

The Defence Forces will provide appropriate training to ARCO members participating in the process.  It is envisaged that the first Defence Forces Mentoring Programme, availing of ARCO mentors, will take place in Q3 of 2021.

Link to letter dated 01 February from A/Brig Gen Brendan McGuinness

Link to ARCO’s Mentoring Concept (14 Feb 21)


Executive Committee

14 February 2021

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