ARCO’s Panel Discussion – 26th July 2023

On Wednesday, 26th July 2023, ARCO hosted a Panel Discussion on Military Career Transition to the Civil Service at the Cedar and Cypress Rooms in the UCD University Club. This successful event, in our networking and outreach programmes, attracted a large and diverse audience of both retired and serving Defence Forces personnel, as well as UCD alumni and staff.

The event, part our ongoing work on military community engagement and career transition, provided valuable insights into the career paths of the panellists, the realities of transitioning from the Defence Forces to the Civil Service, and the ability to transition between branches within the Public Services.

The Panel Discussion was moderated by Captain Phillip Quinlan (Retd), a member of ARCO’s Executive Committee. The panellists, who have successfully transitioned from the Defence Forces to the Civil Service, were Commandant Donal Gallagher (Retd) from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Captain John Boylan (Retd) from the Department of Transport, Captain Dr Gerry Waldron (Retd) from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Captain Graeme Towell (Retd) from the Department of Defence, and Captain Danny O’Sullivan (Retd) from the Department of Housing and Local Government.

The panellists shared their career journeys and experiences, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from the military environment to the public sector. They also offered valuable advice and guidance to those who may be considering or planning a similar career change. The discussion was lively and engaging, with many questions and comments from the audience.

The event concluded with a successful networking session, which provided the opportunity to mingle and exchange views with the panellists and other attendees. Many attendees expressed their appreciation and complemented ARCO for hosting the event. ARCO acknowledges the attendance and support provided by the panellists, moderator, attendees, and the UCD University Club, for making this event possible and successful.

We hope to see you at ARCO’s next Panel Discussion – Networking event.

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