ARCO’s 28th Annual General Meeting

The 28th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Retired Commissioned Officers (ARCO) will be held at 1100 hrs, on Friday 7th October 2022, (NOW POSTPONED TO FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER 2022) in the School of Catering, McKee Barracks, Blackhorse Avenue, Dublin 7. Formal notification is being forwarded to members.

Members are encouraged to attend this important event in ARCO’s annual calendar. As this will be the first in-person AGM held since 2019, it presents members with an ideal opportunity of renewing contact with friends and colleagues.

Coffee will be served in the School of Catering from 1030hrs. Following the adjournment of the AGM, the EXCOM will host a lunch for all attendees in the Defence Forces Headquarters Officers’ Mess.

Those wishing to register for the AGM, and who intend to attend the lunch, are requested to notify the Secretary in relation to both not later than 23rd September 2022 (NOW NOT LATER THAN 30th SEPTEMBER 2022). The Secretary’s contact details are contained in the formal notification being forwarded.  Apologies from those unable to attend will be read out at the commencement of the AGM.

The distribution of the AGM notification is by means of email to those members with an email account.  The notification will be distributed by mail to those members whose email address remains with eircom, and also in the case of members who have not supplied an email account. 

Members are requested to advise the Membership Secretary if their email address has changed.

Members are reminded of the need to bring their I.D. cards with them to facilitate entry into Barracks.

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